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1st Day Process
Typical Day
Dynamic Dog Info

Daycare hours:  6:30AM-6:30PM Weekdays (excluding holidays)

Our goal is to send you home with a truly sleepy and happy dog.  However, we allow your dog to set his or her own pace –because no one wants to pick up an OVER-tired or excited pup at the end of a long day at work. 




                                            1 dog               2 dogs               3+ dogs


Full day daycare                 $24                 $21                    $19   

1/2 day daycare                  $15                  $13                    $12

Dynamic Dog*                     $35                 $31                    $28

1/2 day Dynamic Dog*        $20                 $18                    $16



Half day is anything less than 5 hours

If you are unable to pick up your dog from daycare, we will happily feed them supper and tuck them in for the evening.  You will be charged the balance between the daycare and the boarding fee.  


If you need daycare on weekends, ask a staff person about our weekend daycare options.

*  Is your pup shy, anxious, or just can not or prefers not to mix with other dogs?  There is room for them too  at SDK with the Dynamic Dog option!  Your dog can relax in a spacious kennel with frequent check-ins by staff and a minimum of 60 minutes daily of walks, fetch, snuggling, or if possible, closely supervised play with very select dogs.


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