Hours   Weekdays:  6:30AM-6:30PM  Weekends & Holidays:  9AM-11AM & 4PM-6PM 


You may drop off your pet for boarding at anytime during normal business hours.  Please let us know your anticipated pick up time when you drop off.


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Downstairs Kennel                           $38                 $34                    $30   

Upstairs Kennel                                $45                 $40                    $36

Dynamic Dog Boarding*                 $55                 $49                    $44              

Cat Boarding                                    $15                   $13                     $8

While our 3X6 downstairs kennels are comfortable, our upstairs kennels are a little posher and quieter-perfect for more anxious dogs, or just dogs that are accustomed to being pampered!  Dogs from the same family are generally kenneled together or next to each other unless otherwise requested. 

Boarding dogs are integrated with our daycare dogs, so are sure to be tuckered out at bedtime.  See the Daycare page for more information.  If your dog is unable to mingle with other dogs, please speak to a member of staff to confirm that we can meet their needs. 

* If your pup is unable to mix with other dogs due to health or behavior issues, they will be kenneled in an upstairs kennel and experience a minimum of 60 minutes per day of special time with staff walking, playing ball, snuggling, or if possible, enjoying closely supervised play with siblings or very select dogs.  Owners can specify a Dynamic Dog reservation at the time of reservation, or Sleepydog staff may mandate an upgrade to Dynamic Dog boarding for dogs that are unexpectedly unable to integrate with the general population.

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