Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment for all of our guests.  To do that, we ask that all of our patrons abide by the following rules:  

Age: We love puppies!  We are happy to watch your puppy once he or she has completed the first two series of distemper/parvo treatments.  Talk to your vet but this is usually by 10-12 weeks old.

Vaccinations & requirements: 
Bordetella (kennel cough)
Negative fecal result
K9 Flu shot*
flea free  
no conditions that pose a health risk to other sleepydogs or members of staff
no history of aggression towards humans or excessive aggression towards other animals

We will confirm this information with your vet.  
Call us to discuss special needs and/or arrangements.
*Canine Influenza showed up in VT last year.  There is some debate regarding the appropriate course of treatment and prevention.  While we are not currently requiring this vaccination, we are asking our customers to consult with their vet to determine if the Canine Influenza Vaccination is appropriate for your dog.

We require that male dogs over 7 months old are neutered.  We do not require female dogs to be spayed but do not allow females to attend the kennel while in heat.  We do not take any responsibility for unwanted pregnancies.  We strongly urge everyone to do their part in preventing an increase in the population of unwanted dogs. 

What to expect from a doggie daycare/boarding enviroment:
We at Sleepydog Kennel like to say that Sleepydog is more than just a name, it's a promise.  Your dog will spend a lot of time running and playing with other dogs. This is much more mentally and physically stimulating than staying at home alone, and you can expect a calm and sleepy dog at pick up time.  We also strive to provide your dog with lots of attention and human interaction.  We want to be your dog's second home, a place where they feel loved and YOU feel confident about their well being.

However, as in all situations where dogs (and humans) come into contact with the same, there is a risk of harm.  Sleepydogs play HARD and with full contact.  While they are closely supervised, injuries do occur.  In addition, germs are EASILY passed from dog to dog.  Required vaccinations prevent the most serious illnesses, but dogs are not immune to catching colds, stomach upsets, or other maladies.  Our rigorous sanitization processes help to mitigate these illnesses, but they still do occur.  This is especially true with dogs that have weak immune systems, such as the very young or very old, and those that have not previously been exposed to a lot of dogs.  Please speak to a member of our staff if you have questions or concerns about this issue.

What you should know

"Cosmo was a wild and crazy puppy; by wearing him out with play at Sleepydog every behavior problem was eliminated.  Tired dogs are happy dogs" ~Christine V., Cosmo's mom