We are always happy to do a nail trim or bath treatment for your dog.  Please let us know when you plan to pick them up so that we can have them ready for you.

The de-shedding brush out is a new option at SDK and involves vigorous brushing with a de-shedding tool.

Grooming & Specialty Treatments

​Specialty Treatments

We are now offering more specialized attention for your dog. A SDK staff member can spend one-on-one time with JUST YOUR DOG doing WHATEVER THEY/YOU LIKE BEST.  This can be cuddling, grooming, walking, chasing a ball- anything in any combination within reason and legal limits!  

10 minute treatment               $5
20 minute treatment               $10

This is on top of the love and attention that staff already lavishes on all of our visiting dogs. These special treats must be arranged with notice adequate to ensure appropriate staffing.
Fax: 802-871-5210
Fax: 802-871-5210