Daycare hours:  6:30AM-6:30PM Weekdays (excluding holidays)

If you are unable to pick up your dog from daycare, we will happily feed them supper and tuck them in for the evening and you will be charged the balance between the daycare and the boarding fee.  

If you need daycare on weekends, ask a staff person about our weekend daycare options.


If you want to save some $$

Pre-paying for services saves you money and time.  It saves us administrative time and helps us to better plan for staffing.  You can save with the following packages:

This increased buying power can be applied to daycare (1/2 and full), boarding, and grooming services.  These are also on top of multiple dog discounts.

"We feel so fortunate to be able to take advantage of what you provide for Odie....It has enriched his and our lives tremendously! We feel blessed to have such a wonderful doggie daycare on our travel route to work!"~Valerie K., Odie's mom
Doggie Daycare

  • leash
  • food if your dog requires a mid-day feeding
  • special needs instructions
Do not bring:  
  • food if your dog can go without (avoid being isolated from play area to eat)
  • toys or other possessions (avoid territorial conflicts)
  • Contagions!

You guys did an amazing job with Hudson! What would I do without you?!?!.~ Carrie M, Hudson's mom
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