Drop Off and Pick Up:   
Weekdays:  6:30AM-6:30PM                  

Weekends & Holidays:  9AM-11AM & 4PM-6PM 

You may drop off your dog for boarding at anytime during normal business hours.  Please let us know your anticipated pick up time when you drop off.

​If you have an emergency and need to drop off your dog outside of business hours, please give us a call.  We monitor calls and will do our best to assist you.


   ***As of 4/15/17, we will be charging a $2 daily medication fee.  *** 
We also require written instructions.

If your dog appreciates a quieter setting to retire to, the Deluxe kennel option may be best for them.  Deluxe kennels are larger and more isolated from the rest of the population.  

* we do not accept boarding dogs that are unable to be integrated with the general population.  If you are unsure how your dogs will do in a group, we are happy to give it a try and report back to you!  This change does not apply to dogs that may require TEMPORARY isolation on specific visits.

Check out our grooming and special treatments page for information on pampering your pet during their stay!

Please call us to discuss special arrangements if needed.  We will do our best to accommodate you.

  • food (we do have Eagle Pack brand dog food for sale if needed)
  • Something that smells like home to sleep with.
  • medicines or special needs
Do Not Bring: 
  • food dishes (we use disposable dishes to curb the spread of germs) 
  • toys (they  can cause conflicts with other dogs, and we have toys for the play yard and room).

We also board smaller animals for $10/night.  Ask us about it!
Fax: 802-871-5210